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This rare problem can be hard to treat. Sometimes, taking antibiotics for a long time may work. Talk with your doctor about other things you can do to help you feel better. Chronic prostatitis, also called chronic pelvic pain syndrome, is a common prostate problem. It can cause pain in the lower back, in the groin, or at the tip of the penis.

Treatment may require a combination of medicines, surgery, and lifestyle changes. Prostate cancer is common among American men. Your chance of getting prostate cancer may be affected by your:. Your doctor also will perform a physical exam. During the exam, your doctor will put a gloved finger into your rectum to examine your prostate to check for:. You may be asked to give a urine sample for testing. Your doctor also may do a blood test to check the prostate-specific antigen PSA level.

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An enlarged prostate usually develops slowly, and your symptoms may never get any worse. Drink less alcohol, caffeine, artificial sweeteners and fizzy drinks - These can irritate the bladder and make urinary symptoms worse. But make sure you drink enough during the day — 1. Empty your bladder before leaving the house - Remember to use the toilet before long journeys, and find out where there are public toilets before leaving home.

Double voiding - After you urinate, wait a few minutes and then try to go again.

This can help to empty your bladder properly. But take care not to strain or push. Check your medicines - Ask your doctor whether any medicines you take, such as anti-depressants or decongestants medicines for a blocked nose , may be making your urinary symptoms worse. Eat more fruit and fibre - This will help you avoid constipation difficulty emptying your bowels , which can put pressure on the bladder and make urinary symptoms worse. They can help you think about ways to lose weight healthily. Exercise regularly - Regular exercise may help your symptoms. They can talk with you about exercising safely.

Bladder retraining - This technique can help you hold on for longer when you need to urinate. Ask your doctor or specialist nurse for more information. Urethral massage - This is a technique to squeeze out any urine that's left in your urethra and prevent dribbling. You might hear it called urethral milking.

After you urinate, press gently upwards behind the base of your scrotum the skin around your testicles with your fingertips. You should be able to feel your urethra.

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Keep pressing gently as you move your fingers forward from the base of your penis to the tip. Absorbent pads or urinary sheaths - Absorbent pads and pants can be worn inside your underwear, or instead of underwear. They soak up any leaks. Urinary sheaths look like condoms with a tube attached to the end, which drains urine into a bag. The sheath fits tightly over your penis and you can strap the bag to your leg, under your clothes.

Make sure you tell your doctor about any medicines or herbal remedies you already use, in case they interfere with medicines for an enlarged prostate. You might be given both types of medicine — this is known as a combination treatment. These check-ups may be with your GP or with a urologist or specialist nurse at the hospital. These are tablets that relax the muscles in the prostate and around the opening of the bladder, making it easier to urinate.

Alpha-blockers are usually the first type of medicine you will be offered, unless your prostate is very large. Symptoms may start to improve within a few hours or days, but you may need to take alpha-blockers for a few weeks before they work fully.

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  • Around 3 in every 5 men who take alpha-blockers find their symptoms improve within the first month of treatment. For most men, alpha-blockers continue to work for several years.

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    How is an enlarged prostate treated?

    There are several alpha-blocker medicines available. They all work in the same way and are equally effective at managing symptoms of an enlarged prostate. The most common alpha-blockers are called:. Like any medicine, alpha-blockers can cause side effects.

    These affect each man differently, and you may not get all of the possible side effects. Side effects usually stop if you stop taking the medicine. Possible side effects include:.

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    Read the information leaflet that comes with your medicine for more information on side effects, or speak to your doctor, specialist nurse or pharmacist. If you are having any eye surgery, make sure you tell your eye surgeon that you are taking alpha-blockers.

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    • This is because some alpha-blockers can cause problems during eye surgery. These medicines slowly shrink the prostate so that it stops pressing on the urethra, making it easier to urinate. They can shrink the prostate by around a quarter after 6 to 12 months of treatment. They may shrink the prostate even more if taken for longer. Studies show that men's symptoms may continue to improve up to four years after starting treatment. You'll usually be offered 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors if your prostate is very large. This is because they work particularly well in men who have a larger prostate.

      You may also have to take them in combination with an alpha-blocker. These are most common during the first year of treatment. They usually stop if you stop taking the medicine. If you're taking 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors, you should use a condom during sex if there is a chance your partner is pregnant or could become pregnant. Pregnant women and children should avoid touching broken tablets or capsules. Ask your doctor or nurse for more information. This means your doctor or nurse will need to change the way they look at any PSA tests you have, as your PSA levels will be lower than normal.

      If you have a PSA test , always tell your doctor or nurse if you are taking 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors. If your PSA level rises, your doctor should offer you further tests to find out why. Some men find that taking more than one type of medicine works better than taking a single medicine on its own. This is known as combination treatment. You might be given separate tablets, or you might be given a single tablet containing both medicines to take each day.

      You may be offered an alpha-blocker together with a 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor if:. Alpha-blockers and 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors can both cause side effects, so you might get side effects from both medicines. Some side effects, such as less desire for sex, changes in your ejaculation and erection problems, are more common in men taking both medicines than in men who take either medicine on its own. Alpha-blockers can start to work within a few hours or days, while 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors usually take at least six months to work fully.

      This means that men on combination treatment may be able to stop taking the alpha-blocker after around nine months, without making their treatment less effective. The most common side effects in men taking both medicines include a dry mouth, constipation and indigestion. Some men like to use herbal remedies, such as saw palmetto or red stinkwood African plum. We need more research before herbal remedies can be recommended as a treatment. Not all herbal remedies in the UK are licensed, and the quality varies a lot.

      Be very careful when buying herbal remedies over the internet. It is important to balance the potential benefit of detecting a prostate cancer early against the risk that detection and treatment may not be necessary. Treatment may affect your lifestyle but it may also save your life. Make your own decision about whether to be tested after a discussion with your doctor.

      Ensure you get good quality information to make an informed decision. Screening tests for breast, bowel and cervical cancer can save lives, but there is still confusion around PSA testing for prostate cancer. Find more information here.