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It's easier than you think to add some steps into your daily routine - and the more often you do it, the more likely it is to become a habit.

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One minute car journey could equate to a minute walk. In that time, you could burn up to calories, as well as adding many other benefits to your health and wellbeing.

Global Walk of Solidarity - Caritas

School run? Walking can really help to aid concentration, and you can help to make it a regular commitment by walking with your housemates, a group of friends or your family. If you work in an office or spend most of your day at a computer, it's really important to take some time to get away from your desk.

Why not find a new podcast or radio station to listen to, download an audio book or make a playlist to enjoy in your day? Belong to a gym?

Uncertainty. How many times must I meet you before I remember your stubborn face?

Use our journey planner to work out how far away it is from home. Comparing the amount of money and carbon emissions you could save by walking the journey can be great motiviation. Based at home? I felt very honoured to wear them. Andy— I wore a brown 3 pieces tweed suits that I thought fitted the venue and the setting. My groomsman, best men, father and father-in-law also wore the same suits. My favourite accessory I wore was an antique pocket watch; given to me by Ellena as a wedding gift.

5 Tips for a Walking Adventure Journey

It was a beautiful idea and stood out. Ultimately we just wanted our guests to be comfortable and enjoy the day as much as we knew we were going to. We wanted it to be cosy, intimate and just full of joy. Our first dance was to Iris, Goo Goo Dolls. We chose it because it is a beautiful song that is personal to us.

Never Gonna Walk this Journey Alone Chamber Singers

Ellie — Walking down the aisle to see Andy crying! Also the food.

Obviously the food was insane especially the pizza party! Andy — Marrying my best friend surrounded by all those we love is indescribable.

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  4. The whole day was incredible. Phil is a very kind and talented photographer. I wanted somebody I could relax in front of the camera with and just enjoy his company as if he was one of our guests. We enquired and were met with just the most friendliest person. You know that you can trust him with one of the most important days of your life.

    Remember: This Journey is Just a Walk in the Woods

    He created moments that we, our family and our friends, will treasure forever. In terms of planning it, just enjoy it. On the day, Andy and I had a word that when whispered to each other we would take a second, step back, and look around us: watching everybody we love enjoying themselves, celebrating with us, laughing and just full of joy. It is something spectacular and magical to have those memories and to think back on.