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And the writing style is nice and readable, though the content isn't too notable.

Classical Guitar For Dummies

The book comes with a CD performed in the standard this-is-a-method-book-so-we-should-be-rigid-and-inexpressive-to-sound-like-a-strict-student style. Don't buy this book, and don't recommend it to others. Hope my review is helpful.

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Last edited by Aaron on Sun Jul 31, pm, edited 1 time in total. Classical Guitar for Dummies is a book that at least has the capacity to have some readers be successful, just less so than the average instruction book. They are things like "Play Guitar In 10 Easy Lessons" where "lessons" in that case are things like: here are 35 chord grids, now play them in random unexplained orders, here is a complete list of Italian music terms, here are a bunch of scales on grids that are upside-down from the common way grids are shown, here are photos that show technique but have bad wrist angles that could cause injury.

And the title makes this all so much less tolerable. Or there's books like "Girl's Guitar Method" by Tish Ciravalo of Daisy Guitars: that book is exact duplication of acceptable but not special content from other Alfred publications but with flowers and butterflies stamped all over the book and some photos and brief captions of famous women guitarists whose music is nothing like any of the content of the book. In other words, it is a blatant attempt of the publisher to just sell to unsuspecting parents while at the same time actually being insulting and belittling to girls.

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Classical Guitar for Dummies shows clear evidence of being written by competent classical guitar professionals who thoughtfully wrote a book intended to teach well. Unfortunately, the result is simply uninspiring and a bit rigid, so I recommend it less than most other options.

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I am a little extra harsh because of my annoyance at the mismatch between the challenging-yet-not-especially-rewarding content and the title. Except that the situation with "learn instantly" culture is complex. Thing is, while some books are trying to be that and then, of course, failing , others, like the Dummies and Idiot's Guide books, only have that in title.

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That book actually is FAR too challenging for any beginner. It gets pretty quickly into levels that an Idiot could not handle. The reason you appreciated it is because you already were a competent guitarist, and it just reviewed things for you and went over various styles in interesting ways.


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The audience of beginners it appears to be for would not succeed with it very well, certainly less so than other Noad methods! Incidentally, that book is out of print, and the new one is called "Idiot's Guide To Guitar" losing the "Playing" and is by David Hodge. Instead, they assume that you are SO darn smart that you can understand something by just being told it once in a very colloquial language and then they move right on to the next lesson.

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