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Make sure the counselor you refer is someone you personally known or have worked with before to ensure they are a good fit for your client. You should be a resource for your client in a broad range of areas that are not limited to the financial industry. If you notice that your client is having trouble coping, you can recommend a good book such as Grieving: A Beginner's Guide. This, paired with the further referral to a grief counselor if appropriate, shows that you understand what they're going through and are there to help in any way you can.

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Whether you are working with a brand new client who is going through the grieving process or are helping a client you've worked with for years navigate grief's journey, these five tips should help you along the way. Practice Management.

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    Experiencing Grief by H. Norman Wright

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    5 Powerful Ways To Deal With Death, Grief & Loss

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    Coping with Grief and Loss

    There is life after grief—if we acknowledge and work through our reactions, rather than trying to stop them. Fortunately, much of the process of healthy grieving seems to be built into our genes. Good friends, family members, or a personal counselor can all be helpful in doing this vital work. You can also do a good deal to help yourself. Active, healthy grieving requires balance—balancing the time you spend directly working on your grief with the time you spend coping with your day-to-day life; balancing the amount of time you spend with others with the time you spend alone; balancing seeking help from others with caring for yourself.

    Focusing too strongly on any single side of these pairings is getting off-track. Here are some things others have found useful in their healthy grieving. Choose the ones that fit for you, or make up your own methods of self-care.

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    Remember that grieving is an active process, it takes energy that will likely have to be temporarily withdrawn from the usual pursuits of your life. Treat yourself with the same care, tolerance, and affection you would extend to a valued friend in a similar situation. For more information on the grieving process and how to help yourself or someone in grief, here are a few excellent resources:.

    What Are the Types of Grief Disorders?

    If you are experiencing a psychological crisis outside our working hours and cannot wait until we are open, please call the Crisis Clinic at Counseling Center. Healthy grieving. Home Healthy grieving International students and cultural shock Managing economic stress Social anxiety Student veterans Tips for academic success Trying to juggle school and parenting?