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Lewis pointed out that when Lanza was in elementary school, his mother "sent him to school with a backpack full of invites to his birthday party.

Concrete, Foot Odor, Jesse James, And Forgiving An Abusive Father Our American Stories podcast

I can kind of understand where his anger came from. He did what he was supposed to do and it was up to us to help him. He was just a kid.

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Sign up for our newsletter here. The Choose Love Movement's online program is free and involves no training and no prep for schools. It was designed by educators for their peers based on what they wanted to see in their own classrooms. It teaches how to be a compassionate person.

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These skills are not innate; they have to be learned. And when kids have these skills, they do better on grades and test scores, but this is also the number-one proactive mental health initiative we have. One of the concepts the program teaches to children is how to forgive. The program teaches children how to 'cut the cord' that is connecting them to pain and to let it go," Lewis said.

The Possibilities of Forgiveness

Since it was launched, the Choose Love Movement's program has been downloaded in 44 states and in 13 countries, and feedback from the teachers who have used it has been unanimous in asserting that it has resulted in better classroom and school climates and has reduced behavioral issues in their students. Lewis has dedicated her life to trying to prevent more acts of violence like the one that took her son's. The Choose Love Movement's social and emotional learning program is the answer to keeping children safe, Lewis said, and the key now is getting it into every school.

If it was just a legislative or political issue, they would have fixed it by now. They can't fix it.

That evil, she says, was addiction. Kay says a minister friend visited him in jail before he died, and told her Jesse was praying. Thank you God. Are we going to open the doors to hatred, the door to violence, the door to drugs?

Reward Yourself

Or are we going to open the doors to love, to peace, to forgiveness? Skip to content.

How to Forgive Cruel People: Compassion Is Not Emotion (Church Excerpt, Oct 2, '16)

Authorities say Jesse died in his jail cell Wednesday morning. Darkness has surrounded her, but Kay is ready to talk about it.



The mother of two is healing from a broken nose, severe bruising, swelling, and a brain bleed. Faith is helping Kay cope with her near death experience, and helping her forgive her son. Topeka Police investigating reports of stolen car, shot fired at gas station.