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He throws a blast of energy at Gabriel, which the archangel easily deflects.

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Telling Asmodeus how much he has always hated his suit, Gabriel incinerates him with a gesture. With Asmodeus dead, Gabriel gets caught up to everything that has happened regarding Jack , Apocalypse World , and Michael.

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Gabriel, however, politely declines to join the fight, telling Sam the last time the world was going to end he put his money on Sam and Dean and he thinks they can pull it off again, before teleporting away. As Fenrir Odensbane stumbles down an alley, drinking, Gabriel makes his presence known playing a kazoo to get Fenrir's attention. Stepping out from behind a dumpster, Gabriel declares his intent to face Fenrir "honorably" with not gimmicks or tricks.

With a special wooden sword in hand, Gabriel and Fenrir begin their fight.

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Fenrir is able to wound Gabriel's arm, causing him to bleed, which is unusual for an archangel. Gabriel sees an opening and is able to fatally stab Fenrir in the heart, killing him, but he gets maimed by Fenrir's claws in the process. Gabriel makes his way to the motel the Winchesters are staying at hoping that they have more of his archangel grace. After Sam tends to his slash marks, Dean tells Gabriel that they used his grace to open up a rift.

After resting up, Gabriel tries to leave, but Fenrir's brothers, Sleipnir and Narfi , use Gabriel's blood to track him to the motel. A fight ensues and ends with Gabriel killing Narfi with another wooden sword and Sleipnir escaping certain death. Dean handcuffs Gabriel while he and Sam dump Narfi's corpse into a car crusher. When they return, Gabriel reluctantly tells them more of his story after faking his death at the Elysian Fields Hotel.

Gabriel retreated to Monte Carlo and partied with Fenrir, Sleipnir, and Narfi and a bunch of porn stars in their estate. One night, the trio restrained him and sold him to Asmodeus. For the past seven years, Asmodeus has been torturing him endlessly while Gabriel plots to one day exact revenge on them all.

He also reveals that he intends to kill the god responsible for everything that happened; Loki. Gabriel explains that he saved Loki, who was bound in a cave somewhere in the Fjords with a snake dripping venom in his eye. As repayment, Loki placed him into witness protection, thereby giving him his entire identity and teaching him to become the Trickster.

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In the meantime, Loki has been off the grid, but Gabriel knew he was hiding in Monte Carlo and thought that Loki would help him again after he faked his death. Dean believes that his time with Asmodeus never would have happened if Gabriel helped them fight Lucfier, but he reminds the Winchesters about how he told them about the Horsemen's Rings to slam Lucifer back in the Cage.

Sam offers his and Dean's help to Gabriel if he agrees to help them. Gabriel accepts and explains that Loki is hiding in the penthouse of the Ophidian Hotel. His plan is to kill Loki's sons in order before targeting Loki. At the hotel, he tells the Winchesters that Sleipnir and Loki are his to kill while they take out the bodyguards.

They take the elevator to the third floor and get in a shoot out with Sleipnir and his bodyguards. During the confusion, Dean takes the sword intended for Loki. After the gunfight ends, both the bodyguards are dead and Gabriel finishes off Sleipnir with his sword. Sam and Gabriel rush to the penthouse to catch up with Dean who is greeted by Loki. Loki explains that he sold Gabriel to Asmodeus for his role in the death of Odin.

Despite knowing that Lucifer killed Odin, he wanted Gabriel punished as he gave the archangel his identity on the condition that he abandoned his family's volatile affairs forever, but he broke that promise and it cost his father his life. Dean tries to stab Loki, but he turns out to be an illusion to distract and attack Dean while the real Loki confronts Gabriel in the hallway. After Sam dispels the illusion, they rush to Gabriel to deliver the sword.

Loki berates him for asking him for help again after inadvertently causing his father's death and questions whether or not he or his sons deserved to die for his cowardice. When the Winchesters arrive, Gabriel retrieves the sword and pins Loki to the wall.

Loki tells Gabriel that he lives only for pleasure and stands for and will die for nothing, while Gabriel responds with "You first. Outside the hotel, he thanks the Winchesters for their reluctant assistance in his affairs and goes with them to the Bunker.

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He tells them that he's done with tricks and that he's a whole new guy now that he got his revenge. Gabriel's reaction suggests that like Dean tried to tell him would happen, Gabriel didn't get the satisfaction he expected with his revenge. At the Bunker, Castiel helps Gabriel settle in. Sam tells Dean that they will have to wait for his grace to recharge before preparing to travel to Apocalypse World. After secreting himself in Dean's bedroom while he extracts some of his own grace, Gabriel returns to the Bunker library where he produces a vial containing a minute amount of grace.

Rowena is unconvinced that the "serving" is enough, but Gabriel assures her it will work. Rowena performs the ritual, and rift does indeed open, but seconds later it falters and disappears.

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As Sam, Dean, and Castiel discuss options, Gabriel tries to explain to Rowena what happened, but she doesn't want to hear his excuses. This causes Gabriel to snap and accuse her of botching the spell, which Rowena refutes by saying it wasn't the spell, but the ingredients. Soon after their spat, they begin eyeing each other, and Rowena suggests a way to fill the time they have while the others a deliberating.

Sam, Dean, and Castiel enter the library sometime later to find Rowena and Gabriel fooling around behind a bookshelf to everyone's shock and embarrassment.

Dean reveals that Sam has a plan to get the grace needed from Lucifer. At a bar, a despondent Lucifer is drowning his sorrows after losing everything and not being able to find his son. When the bartender says Jack's name to Lucifer, Gabriel realizes he slipped up and transforms into himself.

A shocked Lucifer attempts to flee, but he is brought right back into the bar. As he realizes that something is wrong, Gabriel and Rowena reveal they spiked his drinks with a magical roofie. Lucifer sits down at the bar, with no fight left in him. He tells Gabriel to take his grace and kill him, but Gabriel has other plans and knocks him unconscious with the butt of his archangel blade. After Lucifer comes to in the Bunker, he is trussed up and his grace is slowly siphoned off into the spell bowl to keep the rift open as Gabriel, the Winchesters, and Castiel cross over into Apocalypse World.

Entering the alternate universe, they find themselves in a wooded area in Northern Kentucky and they proceed to make their way towards Dayton, Ohio. As they walk, Castiel and Gabriel begin talking and Castiel reveals that Heaven is in need of leadership. Gabriel is uncertain that Heaven would want a screw up like him, but Cas assures him that he may be just what Heaven needs to survive. When screams are heard in the distance, Sam and Dean rush in as Gabriel tries to dissuade them, telling them it isn't their problem. The group finds a man and a woman, Floyd and Maggie , being attacked by a vampire.


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After saving them, the two tell of the vampire nest that attacked their group in a tunnel on the way to Dayton, and they join them on their journey. As they reach the tunnel, Sam dispatches a few vampires, but when they reach their intended exit they find it blocked. As Gabriel and Castiel begin clearing the way, the group is attacked by vampires, who kill Floyd and Sam and drag them away. With the pathway clear, the group exits the other side. Upon reaching the Dayton outpost, they are forced to stop due to the warding preventing Castiel from entering.

Gabriel is able to break the warding, which alerts the guards who quickly arrive on the scene. Before things escalate, Mary and Jack arrive and reunite with Dean and Castiel. As Jack learns of Sam's death, he questions why Gabriel didn't save him, only for Gabriel to tell him he is too weak. He among the others watch as a revived Sam makes his way to Bobby's resistance camp alongside Lucifer. When Lucifer tries to talk to Jack, Dean demands them not to talk to each other. Despite Lucifer offering to help, Dean demands Gabriel to kill him with the archangel blade, but he is not powerful enough.

Eventually, the fighting causes Jack to teleport away for a time. While on their way to the Singer Salvage Yard , Gabriel heads out ahead to scout.

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He runs back to the group and warns them that an incursion of angels in tailing him. Before they attempt to smite the group, Lucifer casually disintegrates the angels and melts the binding cuffs. At the salvage yard, Gabriel overhears Lucifer giving his perspective on how he was treated by God, to Jack, scoffing and argues that Lucifer was not a victim in his dealings with their father. Scrapping by the Sea Local Service.