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Be aware in the gay place cause public cruising action can happen in front of anyone. After Kineta, Limanakia can be found as mentioned , with 4 small bays for diving, textile and nudist fun. The third one is mostly for straight nudists and the last one is mostly for gay nudists with cruising action around the rocks.

Gay-friendly beaches in Ibiza

Limanakia considered as the most famous gay cruising area for a nudist beach in Athens. After Limanakia, the Ribas Varkiza nudist rocky beach can be found mostly for gay cruising and public action mostly elders.

After Ribas, the famous Mavro Lithari 48 gay nudist beach appears the 48km in the highway and considered as the most famous gay nude beach in Athens, crowded during weekends, all ages, all shapes, many guys in textile though, cruising area etc. After Mauro Lithari 48 is Ag. Nikolaos as mentioned mostly straight nudists, couples, swingers and some gays, also some elder exhibitors can be seen there so be aware.

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After Ag. Nikolaos there are the two nudist beaches in Legrena KAPE as mentioned, the first small one is mostly for gays nudists, the second one just under the steps is a nice textile beach and just after the rocks there is the other nudist beach mostly straight couples and swingers but also gay can be found there as well, no cruising but some orgies can happen in later hours.

In the other side of Athens there are no any special nudist beaches most of them have been mentioned in this article. One clarification, Schinias national park beach is not nudist anymore at least during the summer busy hours so be careful.

Limanakia beach

Finally, Dikastika, is a rocky nudist beach for straight and gays, cruising also happening there, but also many textile local youths can been found there performing diving from the rocks. You should visit Vienna next summer. On the Danube island you have a big space many miles to get naked and swim nude. And you can easily go there by public transport. An interesting fact was that we spotted several younger groups of friends where the men were nude and the women textile or monokini.

We were wondering what this meant… It it still a cultural or religious inheritance? Are Greek women most of the other visitors were Greek still reluctant to nudism? If you know, please share your knowledge with us. The guys are mostly gay.

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Greek women confound nudity with sexual liberty. Sexuality in Greece, unlike in the west, is a matter steeped in hypocrisy. There might be gay beaches somewhere in which the scene is still dominated by gay men, but the ones I go to have this inclusive vibe.

Europe's Best Gay Beaches - Go Backpacking

He has at least one piercing in his junk. He may even be playing a flute. Some people may go to gay beaches for the cruising, and lord knows there are plenty of guys humping each other in the bushes near the sand in any given resort town. But for me, a lesbian who occasionally wants to relieve myself of a bathing suit, the gay beach represents freedom.

The freedom to be naked, the freedom to check out babes and know that I might actually have a chance with one of them, and most of all — the freedom to be overtly, loudly queer in public. Tags pride.

Partying on this action-packed beach by day with a sublime cocktail — fabulous! Like anything on Ibiza, when it comes to beaches you can have what you want from a full on gay beach to a quiet romantic cove.

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Many are stunningly pretty: all are very much Ibiza! Read more about nudist beaches on Ibiza. Skip to main content.

5 awesome gay nude beaches in Italy you need to check out

Gay-friendly beaches in Ibiza Hang loose. Also in this section. Ibiza's gay friendly hotels. Ibiza Gay Pride colour, flamboyance, fun. Staying in and around San Antonio, Ibiza: high-end to budget.