Manual Ghost Mysteries: Unraveling the Worlds Most Mysterious Hauntings

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Brad and Barry Klinge, founders of Everyday Paranormal, take ghost hunting to the extreme as they travel the country tackling some of America's most haunted locations and using some of the world's most sophisticated equipment to gather powerful supernatural research. Ghost Lab premiered on Discovery Network and airs extensively internationally.

Witnessing first-hand real time the frightening incidents they experience daily.

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Surveillance cameras set up throughout the houses capture every moment of the eerie activity that transpires and document the damaging toll it takes on the families' lives. As they attempt to regain control of their homes, the families call on psychics, demonologists, paranormal investigators and exorcists to help them fight back against the malevolent spirits.

An examination of Catholic exorcists and the victims they fight to save. Vatican sanctioned Exorcists are interviewed and provide details on the inner workings of the demonic world. This was the first time a layman Gary Auerbach was allowed in to the Exorcist convention at the Vatican. Auerbach was instrumental in acquiring the life rights of many of the top Exorcists.

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Your points will be added to your account once your order is shipped. Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Ghosts are a part of our lives-in the spookiest of ways! From haunted castles with dripping blood and clanging chains to the lost art of ghost hunting, readers will dive deep into the always scary and fun world of ghosts -- if they dare!

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Be the first to write a review. Add to Wishlist. Is it really a ghost story? Who cares? Parry concentrates on the tragedy of Okawa primary school, which lost all but two of its children.


Many of his descriptions will haunt you: for me, it was the bereaved parents training themselves to operate mechanical diggers so they could excavate silt and mud for the bodies of their children long after the official search had given up. It concerns the grief of President Abraham Lincoln for his young son William and is an entertaining and heartbreaking reminder that grief afflicts the poor and the mighty in equal measure. Dark Matter by Michelle Paver This wonderful adult novel from the author of the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness proves what an endlessly inventive writer she is.

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It opens, like many another ghost story, with the discovery of a journal, in this case written by Jack, a wireless operator on an Arctic expedition that takes place in as the clouds of war are gathering in Europe. The group set up camp in a remote bay, but as the polar winter and endless night close in around them, they realise they are not alone …. The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold This story from the afterlife narrated by the ghost of a year-old murder victim was an instant bestseller when it was published, and was made into a mawkish but still affecting film by Peter Jackson starring Saoirse Ronan.

Susie Salmon watches from her own personal heaven as her family grieve and the police fail to catch her killer.

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Have they simply fallen on hard times like so many aristocratic families of the postwar era, or is there something more sinister going on? Waters takes her intimate knowledge of Victorian gothic and combines it with all her usual skill to create something both knowingly traditional and utterly modern in its portrayal of family secrets and class. Set in the sinister Eel Marsh House, cut off from the world entirely when the waters rise over its causeway, a solicitor called Arthur Kipps tries to unravel the affairs and deadly history of the house and its owner, the deceased Mrs Drablow.

But the woman in black will haunt him forever.

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