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If you want a more serious romantic suspense, look elsewhere. PS โ€” The Kindle is a whole other matter. Kitty is asked to be the keynote speaker at the first International Paranormal Studies meeting. But not as dramatic as some of the European masters. Talk about a bloodletting party killer! She runs into the GB werewolf Alpha as well.


Ben, as he all too often is, is just along for the ride. He deserves more character. Fey are thrown in for luck and some bodies and kidnapping.

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The big keynote meant to be a call to arms against Roman and his forces lacked fire. Thomas Paine and Winston Churchill have a secure legacy. Try and get it used or borrow from a friend. Coming back to the home she was raised in was the only way she really care for her sister Gigi. But somehow, in this small town she needed a job. Helping her new vamp friend, Jane Jameson, she realized the local vamps needed daytime help.

She opened Beeline, a vampire concierge doing all those chores like dry cleaning, getting blood supplies, and doing the many other errands needed and only available during the day. It was early days yet and she needed every customer. Dusk is coming and Iris wants out of the vampire gated community before she becomes meals on wheels.

But in rushing thru this last stop comes to an abrupt halt when she falls over a body in the kitchen. A poisoned vamp who is just managing enough control to not allow the drugs in his system to cause him to attack her. With her trademark humor, sharp dialogue, and better than average plot, Iris and Cal make a great odd couple.

Fast and fun, but with enough meat on the bones to give it substance. One of the better entries in this series. Ms Harper managed to nail this one with her classic fast, funny style, yet gave it an enjoyable mystery edge with who was behind the poisonings. For any fan of fun pararnoral romance or just fun paranormal, because romance is not the overwhelming element, will enjoy this read. Recommended and no, you do NOT need to read her previous books in the series to follow it. It can be read as a stand-alone.

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