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We get introduced to some new characters and some fun twists.

I would have loved Witchie poo to have been as outrageous as she was in book 1. She is still fun, but she was an absolute hoot in Awakenings. I wanted to stand with my legs strong and raise my chin to the sky and yell , 'Mwah ha ha haaaaaaa.

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I was beginning to question young Zakk, he seemed to have wandering eyes in this book. Maddy gets some great air time in this book. I enjoy her character and she isn't a dummy. She can handle the truth!

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Terrence the dog is a fun and surprising character. I really enjoyed Terrence's scenes. I love Kristy's imagination, she has it in buckets. For short reads she does fill the pages with lots of fun and mayhem. Even poo tunnels I could honestly quite easily see both of her books as much longer stories each or joined as one book. Put both of these books together and it would be a fun Disney kids movie. Kristy has a really cool way of writing a world kids and adults would love to be a part of.

It eats you alive, swallows you whole then moves on to dessert. They tore into her like she was a yummy treat. Tears pushed under his eyelids.

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Zakk, now broken, wept. He could no longer hold the tears at bay and gave in to his despair. Watching his tears run down her long, ugly finger, he noticed a very familiar glass ring at the end of it.

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Time slowed down in his mind. Sweat gushed down him like rain. He searched them wildly for a hint of compassion, but there was none to be found.


Like hard coal, they were dead inside. He held on to all he had left. All will live in despair and fear of my gaze upon them. I thought you might have been my biggest barrier. But as I look upon you, crying like an infant, I find you weak, boy. It will be easy to send you to join your parents. Immediately, as if from nowhere, flames bolted toward him. Bright reds and dancing oranges licked at his heels, engulfing him.

Zakk raised his hand to shield his eyes. This is it. I am finished.

I am nothing. Thoughtful and captivating.

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  8. Write for Us. Trouble Shooting. Mainstream Blog. BlogTalk Radio. Torn from her sleepy town, thrown into a Kingdom from another realm. Price: Variant price modifier:. Base price with tax:. Salesprice with discount:. Tax amount:. File Type: epub. Author: Kristy Brown. Excerpt: Zakk felt his throat grow tighter, barely able to breathe. Sweat dripped from his brow. He could see nothing but felt the invisible hands clamped around his neck.

    He felt heavy like lead, dragging him deeper and further down. Reviews Sunday, 06 October A doll Kiera's job Will she succeed? From the place this book ends you know Kiera's journey in Zantar is not over. She must return and save more than the Day.

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    Thursday, 19 September The thing that struck me immediately about this book is the humungous imagination Kristy Brown owns. Being used to vampires and young people killing each other, I was quite fascinated by a prince frozen in time as a doll. It was intriguing, and I wanted desperately for Keira to save him. But alas, when I got to the end, there were hanging threads I had to know, so I immediately bought the next in the series.