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Presented by Headway Arts Inclusive Company. Do you like to crochet or knit? Or have you ever wanted to learn? A relaxed and creative get together over a drink of your choice.

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Please bring your own project along. Some spare needles and wool will be available for if you just wanted to give it a go! The group has remained a trio with two original members since Sheila Ferguson left many moons ago.

A firm favourite with Prince Charles, they sang at his 30th birthday party and were guests at his wedding to Princess Diana. The Three Degrees are well known for their soulful voices, beautiful gowns, and fabulous stage shows. TThreeDegrees nordenfarm. Use pastels to explore natural forms with an autumnal flavour including drying leaves, seed heads and autumn fruits. Moving on to making compositions based on Autumn in the garden. The project has been developed through consultation with young people.

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They want to be seen in a positive light doing activities that they are passionate about and put a smile on their faces. This mixed programme highlights the versatility of the Royal Ballet Company. From its classical origins, to the homegrown choreographers who put British ballet on the world stage. Step out of 'busy, busy, doing, doing' and drop into just 'being'. Learn how to focus on the present to help manage thoughts and feelings and to improve mental wellbeing.

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Share your thoughts on contemporary fiction with other readers in a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. Wed 2 Oct - The author of the month is Margaret Atwood. Everyone attending the October meeting can select one or more of the following novels to read and discuss. A witty and devastating portrait of the governing class. It was both the end of the Sixties and the end of the greatest band of all time. He will be showing audiences a stunning array of strong and relevant content, with rare music, photos, films and choice memorabilia.

Exploring the surprises and delights of Abbey Road, the Beatles' final album - 50 years on. Ajay is a London based singer songwriter who plays a genre-bending mix of Indian Folk, Blues and Americana.

Let's Go See Mother Wilkerson's Farm: Adventures in Learning Excellence

His sound flows from the banks of Delta Blues to the Ganges where he learnt raags. Ajay Srivastav's website. Before working from a simple still life set up we will compare mixing colour by layering a wet wash over a different dry colour with mixing colours in a palette. We will also use sponges and other techniques for texturing.

Local acts play three numbers — at least one of which is an original.

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Award winning band Dark Side of the Wall celebrate their heroes in well over two hours of spectacular live music and visual effects. Lee is also the first stand-up comedian to use a communication aid. His cutting edge material combines the political and personal with razor-sharp observations about disability and daily life. He may not be able to talk but he definitely has something to say - and his comedy will leave you speechless. LostVoiceGuy nordenfarm.

Take a journey into the curious, unexpected, and downright surreal origins of the words we use every day.

  • This Cowboys Heart (Romance on the Go).
  • The Age of Not Believing - A Christmas Tale?

Susie will retell the adventures that lie hidden within such words as lasagne involving a chamber pot and bugbear a terrorising monster , and explain such oddities as the silent h in ghost and the mysterious disappearance of kempt, gormful, and ruly and yes, you really can be gruntled. She breathes life and fun into words' Pam Ayres.

A phenomenon of modern times but rooted deep in the 20th century. Mordern calligraphy is easily adaptable for either formal or informal work. Thur 14 Nov — 12 Dec 2. Fifteen figures of the Pepys circle come to life - from the highest in the land to the most menial.

The perfect opportunity to browse for unique presents as local artisan stallholders showcase their handmade wears. Enjoy all your favourite festive snacks and beverages together with a well stocked bar featuring craft ales, mulled wine and a full food menu. To apply for a stall at our Night Market click here. To apply for a stall at our Artisan Fair click here. Kathryn Tickell and her band of musicians bring some of the oldest Northumbrian tunes and songs throbbing to life. They intermingle them with new material and bind it all together with contemporary resonance and attitude.

Kathryn Tickell and The Darkening website. Short and sweet lantern making - get parade ready in 20 mins! Drop in to make and decorate a simple willow and tissue lantern ready to illuminate on parade night. Comedian and Impressionist Luke Kempner hosts an ultimate reality show where no one is off limits. LukeKempner nordenfarm. The musical duo create a world that transcends time and space. The show is three-parts concert, one-part theatre. Complete with Victorian-era outfits, meditations about the sea and songs that beg you to sing along. Across 2 hours, our artist will guide the group through the process of weaving an intricate animal inspired willow frame ahead of covering and decorating.

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Learn how to create a handmade door wreath year after year. Handpick from a vast array of materials to make an individual design. Tibet - the Land of Snows: home to Buddhist lamas whose ancient rituals have fascinated people for thousands of years. The show presents chant, mantras, music and dance by eight Tibetan Monks from Tashi Lhunpo Monastery. From the contemplative, mesmerising chant of Buddhist texts to swirling costumed masked dances accompanied by ancient Tantric musical instruments. With introductory explanations offering additional insight into this endangered world.

The Gallery is transformed by work created by local children as part of our annual art competition. This year's exhibition is curated by visual artist Amelia Pimlott and students from BCA college as part of our young creatives project. They order a pizza. House red for Ella. Hot chocolate for Haseeb. People and playlists. Christmas and Eid. Travelcards and Megabuses. London to Leeds. Love is more than just a game for two. The Dime Notes dig back into the blues-drenched sounds of clarinet-driven s New Orleans jazz. Unearthing a repertoire of stomps, blues and forgotten gems of the era.

Steve helped his single mum find her Prince Charming all while learning his times tables he was seven. SteveBugeja nordenfarm. We will learn how to use acrylics in a thick impasto style to mimic the qualities of oil paint, incorporating structure gel and palette knife work to add body to the picture surface. We will also look at the use of glazes and varnishes to modify and enhance our work. A basic knowledge of acrylics is desirable. Fri 22 Nov Lantern Making 2. Across a full day, working as a group, guided by our professional artist you will create a large-scale willow structure which will shine bright in the parade!