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This diversity and depth of experience showed how skateboarding operates in close relation to other exploratory and artistic practices, encouraging experimentation, innovation and even entrepreneurialism. Above all, Pushing Boarders delivered a powerful message about skateboarding and its role in society as a whole: skateboarding is at its best when it openly questions, explores and welcomes — rather than when it is narrowly comfortable, judgemental or exclusionary.

Jordan Rowe — London. At the frontiers of the urban: thinking concepts and practices globally — London. Edition: Available editions United Kingdom.

What Skateboarding Has Taught Me About Life

Iain Borden , UCL. The conference in progress. Breaking down barriers Nonetheless, in its general outlook skateboarding remains open and inclusive. Businesses are weighing up the costs of queuing and using innovative ways to do away with queues, or at least make the perceptions of waiting less painful.

Cities are growing vertically as well as horizontally, so infrastructure needs to ensure people can move up and down as well as across the city. Wil Chivers. Community Community standards Republishing guidelines Friends of The Conversation Research and Expert Database Analytics Events Our feeds Donate Company Who we are Our charter Our team Our blog Partners and funders Resource for media Contact us Stay informed and subscribe to our free daily newsletter and get the latest analysis and commentary directly in your inbox.

These guys are a mix of 2 types of Freestylers; the first are the ones that have been committed to Freestyle their whole life and want to work their way up to win Amateur Division once or twice before going into Pro. The next bunch of skaters are those who also have skateboarding for years but found the new world of Freestyle along the way and are working on trying to fit in.

World’s First Skateboard House

This is exactly how Andy Anderson got into Freestyle and ended up winning Amateur a couple of years ago, and placing high up in the Pro division last year. The battle was tight, Mirei wowed the crowd with her elegant style and technical flip tricks, Nick Beaulieu and Josh Dunstone pulled out the aggressiveness and power moves to get the crowd lit up, and Cristobal Bahamonde did what he does best and threw down a combination of tricks that hurt just to look at. Cristobal is definitely in a league of his own on his skateboard, a true Freestyler at heart and very dedicated to being good at it.

It was great to see him win this event and hopefully, we see him step it up to the Professional level for The Pro Division was a little bit more intense.

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This kid works hard and practices constantly. And then to top it off he hides away and invents new tricks that no one else would dare dream of. The fear was definitely in the eyes of the other competitors when they found out all the young bucks who dominated the Amateur division last year were now going to attempt the same feat in Pro, but these guys are all warriors and not ready to lie down and give up.

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The battle began Friday night at the qualifiers and ended with all 6 Japanese competitors in the Top 10, with Isamu, Yuzuki, and Ikkei holding the Top 3 spots in that order. The Semi-Finals ended close to the same except Mike Osterman was able to maneuver his way into the 3rd place spot.

You need to watch this video of his run in the Semi-Finals to understand. Click Here. When he lands his tricks he takes a moment to gesture to the crowd to make some noise, and then he blasts off for more.

Yuzuki is a phenom on the board, and we are all excited to watch him grow, he finished in 2nd place. Maybe someday he will be the one to beat Isamu? Jacob Whitt and Mike Osterman know all to well to watch out for Guenter Mokulys as he is the reigning champion of Freestyle Skateboarding and at 56 years old has been winning with the same run for decades.

These three went at it for sure, all with entirely different styles of skateboarding, but the fountain of youth prevailed in with Mike Osterman finishing in 3rd Place, Jacob in 4th, and Guenter with a proud 5th place. A 40 year age difference between 1st place and 5th place that shows you how insane the world of freestyle skateboarding is.

People With Amazing Talent! (Skateboarding)

A huge thanks to Monty Little for always working so hard to put this event together and make it special for all the participants that travel from all over the world. The crowds at the Country Fair love to watch this event each year and was no exception as they packed the bleachers and watched a new era at the World Round-Up showcasing some of the youngest Professional competitors of all time.

Sadly we were missing our Canadian boys Dillanger Kane, Ryan Brynelson and Andy Anderson this year, and no competitors from Brasil which was shocking, but the World Round-Up continues with or without these guys, the new era is here, and Freestyle is about to get a rude awakening from these young kids. Hold on to your hats as we move forward into ….

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Ever dreamed of being a pro skater? Just share this with your parents, and have them send us their information and a video clip of you skating. The Amateurs came out strong looking like they could have been Pros, The floor was slick and the crowd was loud. The goal for all was to try and beat the 9 year old ripper Yuzuki Kawasaki who held the lead all weekend and of course the other young Japanese kids Yuta Fujii and Ikkei Nagao skated just as good.

Marcio Torres, Josh Dunstone, Cristobal Bahamonde and Dillanger Kane were not lying down though, all coming out with amazing and almost flawless runs. But it was too tough to take out the little man so put your hands together for Yuzuki Kawasaki for being the youngest Amateur Freestyle winner of all time! The Pro division was even crazier. At 15 years old he has proven himself across the globe to be one of the best freestyle skateboarders of all time, he works hard for that status. But up against legends like Stefan Akesson and Guenter Mokulys puts experience as a factor to remember.

When Isamu fell in his second run it was an opportunity to take him down, but he got up quickly and showed everyone in the building why he deserves the Gold with some intensely fast and unimaginable combos. This kid is tough to beat.

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  • With about 10 competitors landing flawless runs it must have been tough to be a judge but they know what their job is and came to a unanimous decision that Isamu Yamamoto would repeat and be the World Round Up Champion! Congratulations to everyone in the contest and thanks again to all who came out or tuned in to watch the battle.