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The former thought was simply fact.

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But still being broken from S, I was incapable of loving my husband completely. I loved him as much as I could, which was a lot, believe me. I met my husband when I wasn't a whole person, so I only loved him with what I had. And many days, especially now that we're separated, I don't think it was enough. Things may have gone down differently with us if I had loved him the way I loved S, or maybe not. Maybe it's just wishful thinking. My husband knew about S and the impact he had on me.

He knew that I was missing a few pieces -- pieces I had done my best to try to find but couldn't -- from loving S and he accepted it. I often told him I wished I had met him before I met S, so I could love him more completely but we both agreed that since that hadn't been the case, it was a waste to think about. Recently, someone quoted Chuck Palahniuk in a conversation I had: " Nothing of me is original.

I am the combined effort of everyone I've ever known. I had heard it before, but for some reason it had really sunk in the last couple weeks.

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I couldn't stop thinking about it, almost obsessing over its meaning. Then I realized I missed out on something great because of S. Yes, he was the love of my life, but the love of my life should have been the man I married, except I was too broken to give him that.

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I was broken because of S. I was gutted and barely breathing after things ended with S, so much so that losing my husband which was a devastating blow, mind you was like a walk in the park compared to losing S.

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Because so much of me was already dead inside. So in a moment of realization -- at 8 AM on a Saturday morning here in Paris, just minutes away from my husband whom I will inevitably have to divorce -- I sent an email to S. I told him that he was the love of my life but I couldn't have him in my life at all anymore, not even as a casual acquaintance. I needed to clean up loose ends. I didn't blame him for anything.

I didn't get into any long, tearful essay about love and loss and how it changes people.

It was just a matter of fact: I'm done. This is this, that was that. Horror Thriller. Whisky Galore Comedy Romance.


Scottish islanders try to plunder cases of whisky from a stranded ship. Another Mother's Son Biography Drama War. Madame Comedy Drama Romance. Keep the Change I Kill Switch I Action Sci-Fi Thriller. Viceroy's House Biography Drama History. Valentine's Kiss The Marker Crime Thriller. Beyond the Lights Drama Music Romance. Desperately Seeking Susan Comedy Drama. Edit Cast Credited cast: Anna Chancellor Grace John Hannah Richard Hermione Norris Tamara James Fleet Tom Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Hannah Emily Anderson Kaitlyn as Hannah Anderson Katie Boland Zoe Merran Carr-Wiggin Darla Scott Cavalheiro Will Greg Hovanessian Kenny Slitzer Misha Rasaiah Receptionist Naomi Snieckus Lorna Greg Wise Edit Storyline What if you had only five days to figure out Edit Details Country: Canada.

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Language: English. Austin would make her own path. Though she never married Cameron, a marriage to businessman Nick Holford ended in divorce after five years. Austin was by his side. She got the house and a share of the publishing. He effectively left a lot to her as if he was leaving it to his widow. Mary was probably good at keeping him grounded. She had been there before the money, before the fame and she was there at the end. Of his passing Austin says she lost somebody she thought of as her eternal love.

You could never have let go of Freddie unless he died — and even then it was difficult. Austin supported Mercury in his decision to keep the nature of his illness secret until shortly before he died. He also asked her to collect his ashes and place them at a private location never to be disclosed. He wanted it to remain a secret and it will remain so.

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The musicians recorded three songs together during the height of careers, only for the collaborations to be shelved. The Queen frontman and rock icon was involved with both men and women but never publicly confirmed his sexuality, a decision that may have been prompted by the period he lived in. The Queen frontman broke all the rules through his unparalleled voice, outrageous costumes and electrifying performances. Freddie Mercury, the lead vocalist for the band Queen, was born on September 5, We celebrate the rock icon with a look at his dynamic life and the music that keeps his memory alive.

Brian Epstein took The Beatles from underground Liverpool clubs to being the biggest musical act in the world. The musicians eventually rallied around the flamboyant frontman to form one of the most innovative and successful rock bands of the s.