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Part of this necessarily has to mean cleaning the mud from our feet. The mud will still act against friction, and even if you are set down on a rock, you can still slip and fall if your feet are muddy. Anyone who has ever stepped from ankle-deep Texas clay mud onto a clean concrete building slab can testify to this. He cleans us as well; He enables us to stand. And if we can stand, we can move freely. We can walk, run, leap, dance.

In the run-up to Easter, it seems an appropriate thing to dwell on. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Email required Address never made public. Name required. He has been with you all along. In spite of the discomfort, this ongoing process is worth it.

Out Of The Miry Clay

I no longer have to struggle in a pit all alone. I have a God who is with me always. He lifts me up when I make a mistake and fall back in. A God who has put a new song in my mouth. It is a song of praise for all that He has done in my life.

If you are reading this it may be that God is calling to you. If you would like to exchange your miry pit for a song of praise, now is a good time. To invite Him to lift you gently out of the pit. To allow Him to set you on a Rock.

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  4. He Lifted Me From the Miry Clay!

To experience the love and salvation Jesus. Inviting Jesus into Your Life. This is just what I needed. Thanks Chris! Such peace has washed away the fear. I can just feel His Presence speaking to me through these words.

Out of the Miry Clay

Wonderful and encouraging testimony. We are all mud and always getting cleaned up like small babies everyday, only if we allow him. He is amazing, he has the power to force himself on us and clean us up but he never does that; HE softly sends a voice to ask if we would want to be cleaned, Oh wonderful GOD.

Your email address will not be published. Remember Me. The above is my story. I was stuck in a horrible pit of wounded emotions and confusion.

I had learned to function in that pit, for it was what I knew. Much energy was required to move in the mire. It was exhausting. I had no peace. While I now realize the Lord had been with me throughout my life, my own struggling and the circumstances around me prevented me from recognizing His presence. My husband had been born and raised in church. I began attending religious education classes and a bible study. When I felt safe enough, I asked Jesus to become part of my life.

He Brought Me Out > Lyrics | Henry J. Zelley

And He is. He lifted me out of that pit, setting me upon a Rock. The Rock of His love and salvation. Removal from the pit was not the end of the process. I still had rough clay clinging to my body, rubbing it raw in places. But I was out. The clay could begin to be removed.

I could begin to heal. The cleanup process is not always easy.

But we need not fear it, for God is gracious. He asks permission before He scrubs. He gently washes as we allow.