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There is a deep hole in Snape, he dwells on too many bad things. He is kind of an opposite to Hagrid who for the most part sees good in things. I wonder if the wizarding world has healers for the sole. Maybe if there are, Snape should check into St. Mungos for a session. Could Snape learn to love? Only Gina knows for sure.

After OoP, though, I was wondering if there were mental health counselors in the wizarding world.

Harry and Severus could do with a nice therapeutic chat or three. Blast - Nov 16, pm 37 of Is Snape acting as Harry's conscience? He seems to be intent in making sure that Harry does not get away with very much. I've noticed that Harry seems to have a few similarities with Tom Riddle here. Is Snape trying so hard to get Harry in trouble because he sees some of Voldemorte in Harry?

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Does he want to keep Harry humble bacause he knows of Harry's destiny? In some ways Snape and Dumbledore seem to be playing good cop bad cop with Harry. There is obviously Snape's dislike of James but to me there is something eles there. Maybe Snape in his own special way will make a better person out of Harryin the long run.

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Madame Librarian - Nov 16, pm 38 of Blast end, I like your comment that Snape and Dumbledore might be the "good cop, bad cop" for Harry. So there you have someone Harry loves becoming someone Harry hates at least temporarily. I wonder if in book 6 or 7, a similar flip-flop will happen with Harry's feelings toward Snape. It could be JKR's way of getting across the idea that love and hate are such powerful emotions, and they are not very far removed from each other. The term Master, in respect to a school, is another name for a Teacher, or to be more specific, it's the name for a male teacher.

As far as I know it's not related to experience in the job or knowledge of the subject, but more as a term of respect. It's sometimes used instead of 'Sir' by a pupil when addressing a male teacher, or can be used as a full title, e. Maybe you don't have that term in the US version of the books? I could also be wrong? If anyone else knows different, or knows anything more on this subject, please feel free to enlighten us Gina R Snape - Nov 17, am 40 of I've discussed this many times on various Snape groups and, yes, the concensus among fans seems to be that "Master" is an old fashioned term in the way you described it Fawkes.

It might also be related to him being the 3rd in command after DD and McGonagall. I concur completely.

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It has been my contention all along, from my first introduction to Snape, that he is practising a form of "tough love" as it were. Not that he feels love particularly for the child, but that he believes not letting Potter get away with things and not allowing him to be treated specially is in his best interest. He even says as much in GoF or was it PoA? I forget And Snape says he strives to treat him the same as everyone else. Little Ginny - Nov 17, pm 41 of I think as well that if Snape just hated Harry it would be far too easy. I think that Snape is not nearly as bad as some people might think while first reading the book.

I think what makes him so hateable is his pride even more than Mr Darcy- if anyone knows Pride and Prejudice and, of course, the dark secret from his past. Now, I don't want to begin theories whether he has ahd an affair with Mrs Weasley, or Lily Potter, or anyone else, but I think there are loads of things we don't know about old Snape.

Why did he do this? I've been wondering if he was at Godric's Hollow with Voldemort, and witnessed the murders of James and Lily, and the attempted murder of Harry. Could he have been so sickened by this incident that he decided to leave the Death Eaters? He expressed contempt to Harry about James having saved his life; and put it more down to James saving his own and Sirius' skin from becoming murderers.

Where was Snape on the night James and Lily were murdered? Am I opening another useful line of discussion, or am I completely wrong? Blast - Nov 17, pm 43 of Was not Snape already working as a spy when Lilly and James were murdered? In the pensieve does not Dumbledore say that Snape had already switched sides before Voldemort's downfall? He could of still gone with Voldemort but I think that he had already jumped ship before the murders. Neville Longbottom - Nov 17, pm 44 of Dumbledore said that Snape changed sides before Voldemorts downfall.

After the Godric's Hollow murders there was nothing he could have spied, because Voldemort was gone. Gina R Snape - Nov 17, pm 45 of Tim, did you read my theory on Snape and the prophesy? Neville is right about the timing. It goes along with the theory that Snape had a thing for Lily, something like this: Snape is a loyal DE that may have some doubts, but learns that Voldemort is going to kill the Potters James, Lily, and Harry.


Snape has had a crush on Lily or been in love with her and despite his hatred for James, switches sides and tells DD everything he knows in an effort to protect Lily. And maybe he knows Lily didn't have to die, but did anyway to protect Harry. And maybe that's why Snape hates Harry so much: the woman he was in love with gave her life to save the life of the child she had with his mortal enemy.

Snape remained loyal to DD because he could never support someone that liked his beloved Lily. Yeah I know, way too many maybes. But is there any cannon to contradict this explanation? We might as well contend that Umbridge really wasn't a vindictive witch out to get Harry and destroy Hogwarts.

After all, didn't those dementors she sent after him allow him to practice defending himself in battlefield conditions? Tough love, but love all the same.

Twins Mystery Wheel Challenge - Mission Mars Eat Astronaut Food!

She also wanted to get rid of the two worst teachers in the school. Even Harry admits to himself that Hagrid isn't a good teacher, and who needs to be told the fake prophesy that they're going to die soon? Trelawney is an obvious sadist who shouldn't be teaching anything. Umbridge bless her tried to impose order in a school that had four consecutive years of at least one extremely hazardous event taking place each year, and where a student finally did die the prior year.

A school that had used an escaped DE from Azkaban as a teacher the prior year! And had allowed plagiarist imposter to teach two years before that. She tried to protect the students from the danger of casting curses on each other in DADA. She monitored the floo network to try catching another dangerous escapee from Azkaban. She even wanted to have that vile and nasty poltergeist, Peeves, exorcized. Isn't that good? Many of the things she did were unpopular with students and staff, and many seemed very unfair to those involved, but wasn't she just playing?

Can you imagine how much that must have hurt her, knowing everyone hated her for trying to save them? Just like Snape who only "seems" dramatically unfair to Harry, but really only has Harry's best interest at heart? And Filch. Doesn't he only want to teach the students to respect the rules and behave properly? Isn't that part of what they're at school for? Isn't Peeves there to teach the students how to think fast in bad situations Those lessons will come in handy someday.

Plus Fudge isn't really a power hungry duffer. He knew premature announcment of the return of Voldemort would create chaos. He wanted to protect the citizens from hurting each other. Of course he had to discredit Harry and Dumbledore, or how could he have maintained order? They both insisted on trying to create a panic in the Wizard world, and had to be stopped.

I couldn't agree with you more. SJ Rand - Nov 18, pm 49 of After re-reading my above post I realize that it probably came off as much too sarcastic, although it was meant to be humorous. My only point was that sometimes characters really are what they seem to be, and we readers myself included can go too deep into trying to find hidden meanings and motivations. My method was jokingly defending characters that other people wouldn't be likely to want to defend.

I apologize to anyone that my original post may have offended.

ewykynyjacyw.tk The "joke" obviously went too far. I was ready for a major argument! But I will argue without malice but with the familiar conviction and passion nonetheless that others here know of me And I personally don't believe Snape has really crossed them. Come very very close? But he hasn't seriously attempted or actually inflicted bodily harm on Harry, he hasn't stopped him from learning, and hasn't denied him his rights. Umbridge did all of those things and then some. I don't think Fudge was avoiding chaos with a premature announcement. I think--and I mean literally, clinically--that he was in genuine denial and experiencing acute paranoia.

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Filch is a frustrated squib.