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This book contains the basic history and Afro-Brazilian occult philosophy of the Quimbanda Goetia. It also contains all of the magical occult Astral Exu Spirit correspondences for performing all of the Quimbanda Goetia spiritual experiments of the occult sciences. This book contains the complete ritual instructions for performing 72 Spiritual Experiments of the Occult Sciences. This book contains the complete ritual sigils used in the Quimbanda Goetia including all of the spirits from the first three Greater Quimbanda Kingdoms of the American Quimbanda religious tradition.

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Over rare Quimbanda Goetia spirit, zodiac and planetary sigils unique to our magical tradition. This book contains the complete ritual instructions with sigils and invocations to prepare a sacred spirit vessel of the 72 Astral Exu Spirits to use in your Quimbanda Goetia rituals. Good Morning Everybody….. Exu Rei rules over the great mysteries of the Zodiac Constellations and over all Galaxies.

Together these two very powerful entities rule over the Seven Lesser Quimbanda Kingdoms. Exu Rei is the Emperor of all of the various paths of the Spirit Exu found and manifested here on Earth and found within the confines of the Seven Lesser Quimbanda Kingdoms and the various realms or dimensions found within each of the Seven Greater Quimbanda Kingdoms. Exu Rei manifests and encompasses male sexuality, fertility, material wealth, abundance, the harvest and strength. The Element of Fire represents action, spirit, and vitality.


The Constellation of Aries is governed over by the Archangel Michael. The Constellation of Aries is ruled over by the planetary energies of Mars. I just wanted to let the readers of my books know what new literary projects that I am presently working on and that are planned to be published in the year. The power of positive thinking can bring about profound positive changes within an individual not only spiritually but also physically.

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A simple easy read no nonsense book for magicians and non magicians alike. Together using the power of positive affirmations, repetition of sacred prayers and mantras will cause a positive change to take place within your life. The new series of books, I have good news for everybody I are on sale right now!!! II to Vol. V will follow. If you would like more information email me at, CarlosMontenegroBooks gmail.

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Since the v ery beginning of my writing success of over 28 years, my life has been shrouded in controversy and has been interpreted for me by individuals, many whom I have never met before. I use to let the controversy and negativity bother me, but I realized long ago that along with fame also comes the pain, sorrow and criticism caused from individuals who themselves are on a destructive spiritual journey and who are lost spirits on the journey of life.

Because of my strong spiritual beliefs in the religious principles of our American Quimbanda religious tradition, I was able to preserver and to triumph over these negative spiritual forces. In the philosophy of our American Gnostic Quimbanda religious tradition, It is very important to remember, that it is isn't important how others define your character, integrity or try to discredit you through untruths.

What is important is how you define yourself within the meaning of life and within your inner spiritual self. By implementing the spiritual concepts of good character and integrity into your life, you will be able to free your minds of negative thought patterns and break the fetters around your mind, which only has meaning because you alone have allowed others to define you and did not take responsibility to define yourself.

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The Gnostic Quimbanda religious philosophy teaches individual self-spiritual expression, self-determination of your spiritual journey by freeing your mind of negative spiritual thoughts and energies. For the first time in history, I am also going to share my own past personal experiences with you in this new book, which will give you a better understanding of just who I am, where I have come from and where this great magical American Gnostic Quimbanda religious tradition, which I have been entrusted with, is going.

I have never before revealed any of these past experiences to anyone outside of my spiritual religious family because they are very personal for me, but the spirit of Exu has spiritually advised me that it is finally time to tell my incredible story and share it with the world.

It is my hope that by telling my story, it will answer many of the questions and untrue myths that many individuals may have regarding my spiritual journey and about our sacred Afro-Brazilian Gnostic Quimbanda religious tradition.

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The reason that many of my nganga formulas mentioned in many of my books are very different than those from many Cuban religious lines is because our ngangas come from a Haitian Congo religious line of Voudoun known as Bizango and are crossed with Palo Mayombe a Cuban Congo religious line. Because of this crossing between two distinct Congo religious traditions, that makes the ngangas formulas that I present in my books some of the most powerful and rarest forms of Afro-Caribbean magical tradition of the world.

Since that time, I have been working in the Congo mysteries by myself and I have never had another spiritual teacher in these particular mysteries. Over the years up until the present time, these mysteries of Vititi Congo Bizango have been incorporated into the spiritual pantheon of the American Quimbanda Gnostic religious tradition. In I traveled to Brazil and lived with family members for 2 years where I was introduced into the deeper mysteries of Candomble De Congo and Quimbanda. Upon returning to the United States, our present day practice of the Quimbanda Gnostic religious tradition began evolving and has now become one of the most popular and powerful forms of magic found in the world because it has become a universal occult magical practice which embraces both old world and western occultism.

Have a great weekend Congratulations to all of members and new members.. Our new center will be soon opening to the public.


We have many lectures and seminars planned for everyone t I am so excited to meet all of you in our classes. We will be holding a one day seminar about how to perform the sacred divination using the Afro-Brazilian Quimbanda 16 cowrie shells called Buzios or Chamalongos. Students will receive their own personal step by step guide about how to read the sacred oracles and receive their own set of fully consecrated 21 cowrie shells of the Spirit Exu.