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Nunn moved again in to his new Morningtown Studio east of Palestine, where he began to create lithographs in addition to paintings. His work was published in Ancel E. Nunn also illustrated several works for A. Ancel Nunn died on December 24, Executed artworks files , undated, 7 linear feet include ownership records of created artworks, exhibition records, correspondence, and photographs.

Patron files , 4 linear feet include business records of patron holdings, correspondence, and printed material. Correspondence is divided into two subseries, General , 2 linear feet , arranged chronologically, and Selected , , 1 linear foot , arranged alphabetically. Notable work files include Samuel Woolvin, A. Greene, Billy Porterfield, and Yevgeny Yevtushenko. Exhibition files , 1. Art series includes original artwork created and acquired by Ancel Nunn. Other series include Awards , 3 inches , Financial ,. This series also contained several empty folders, which were not retained.

One exception is that his "Selected files" were divided into Selected correspondence and Selected work files. Selected correspondence files are primarily personal or non-work-related correspondence. A portion of these papers is stored remotely.

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Fields, M. New Farmers of America: 25 Years of Accomplishment. Washington D. N49 F Ross, William Arthur.

ISBN 13: 9781874675037

F8 R Strickland, Cecil L. Hempstead: Joyco Printing, N49 S FFA in Action. F97 The records of the National FFA Organization contain extensive documentation of the organization, its programs and activities, and its leadership. Although the administrative records contain scattered internal information related to National Advisors and Executive Secretaries, the minutes of the Board of Directors is complete. Other highlights in the collection include the records of the international programs documenting the growth of student exchange programs and future farmer organizations in other countries; public relations activities that include press releases, calendars, and FFA Week materials; and National Conventions that contain a complete set of proceedings from , press releases about award winners, and scripts of pageants performed at the conventions.

A sense of rural America is fostered through radio program scripts from the s and s and a massive collection of photographs documenting the growth and changes in rural agriculture in the United States from the late s to the present, national award winners in FFA contests, National Student Officers, and adult leaders in the organization. Board of Directors Records, , consist of the newsletter, Board Issues , board minutes and index, and correspondence.

It discusses issues from the meetings that directly affect the national organization. For Board minutes prior to there is an index available arranged by topic. For more in depth information there are scattered committee reports located within this series. Further information about the board and the decisions made by the student membership can be found in the National FFA Convention proceedings located in the National Convention records. National Officer Records, , consist of correspondence, biographies, and press releases. These records document the activities of the six national officers elected annually.

The early files, , contain correspondence to and from the officers and fully document their activities during their terms. Biographical information for these years can be found in press releases about the new officers and their outstanding accomplishments. Later files contain less correspondence and more direct biographical information.

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The Goodwill Tour Booklets are a mostly complete set, , of biographical information about each of the national officers. The Goodwill Tour is a nation-wide trip by the national officers to thank supporters of the organization. Administration Records, , contain correspondence, articles, publications, audits, and reports.

The administration files are divided into two main groups: administrative officers and office files. The administrative officer files are the records of the National Advisors, Executive Secretaries, and other important officials who serve the National FFA Organization. These files contain information about trips, responsibilities, and problems occurring during their tenure. The records in this series can also be used to find information regarding important people, events, and programs within the national organization. The records of only two of the Executive Secretaries, William A.

Ross and William Paul Gray, are found in this collection.

A combination of the Executive Secretary, National Advisor, and other officers' records gives the researcher an overview of all major developments of the organization. The most extensive documentation is found in the files of E. Johnson, a program officer during the ss, and William Paul Gray. Executive Secretary William Arthur Ross's files contain important information regarding the early organization and how its programs developed. An important section to review is the memos written by Ross to his supervisor reporting on his activities. This ten year run of records, , contains an index organized by date and title.

The second group of records is the office files. These records deal with how the whole organization operates rather than just the officers. Contained in this series are the most complete financial and policy records as well as important legal battles that affected the way the FFA operates.

State Association Records, , consist of newsletters, correspondence, annual reports, written histories, state charters, and articles about the activities of the state FFA associations. The records are arranged alphabetically by state. The strength of these records are the information about state organizations and activities prior to Another important state activity was the creation of scrapbooks. The scrapbooks were submitted to the national organization by each state as a part of a national contest between the states and accurately demonstrate the activities of the chapters within the state associations.

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The scrapbooks of Illinois and Nebraska are retained as a representative sampling. The annual reports submitted in are individual reports collected from each state. The reports prior to are based on individual state reports, but are compiled into one large, national report on the states. These records do not fully document the histories of the state organizations, but provide insights into how the national and state organizations interacted and how early state associations operated.

History Records, , contain biographies, histories, news clippings, and press releases important to the history of the national organization. These records are organized by subject and name and arranged alphabetically.

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These records are a quick source for biographical data on important leaders and background information on the traditions and movements of the organization. The series offers a large variety of both current and historical names and events associated with the organization. Information about national officers is not located in these records, but is found in the National Officer Records series.

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National Convention Records, , consist of correspondence, programs, proceedings, press releases, and other materials related to the National FFA Conventions. The Agricultural Career Show records are also included. The Career Show, similar to a job fair, is held annually in conjunction with the National Convention. The records consist mainly of informational packets about the Career Show each year. Each convention produces similar types of records that are organized under three main headings: clippings, printed materials, and scrapbooks.

The clippings section contains newspaper and magazine articles mainly from the Kansas City, Missouri area related to the events at the conventions. The printed materials section contains all of the programs, proceedings, and booklets that are produced for the convention. This collection contains a complete set of convention proceedings that are informative because they document every important event at the convention.

Retiring officer addresses, minutes of the business sessions, awards information, and, in the early years, the four public speeches were all printed in the proceedings. The final section is the scrapbooks that contains press releases, correspondence, and informational hand-outs. The scrapbooks also contain information about awards, general information such as convention summaries and highlights, scripts, and speeches.

Biographical/historical information

Other information about the awards given at the convention can be found in the Foundation Series under awards, in the State Records, and in the Awards Series. Award Records, , consist of handbooks, award books, award entries, and correspondence. These records deal largely with contest descriptions, proposals, correspondence related to the founding of a contest, and published materials about the awards.

The best place to find a list of award winners is at the end of this series under Winners-Compiled List for the years up to Some information about specific winners can be found in the winner booklets, but complete lists of winners from every contest is published in the proceedings of the National Convention each year and in the Convention news releases, located in the National Convention Records.

Further information can also be found with the National Foundation Records. These records include yearly lists of foundation award winners in the foundation annual reports, booklets about the award given by the foundation, and award allotments books. This series is arranged alphabetically by the name of the award. In many cases, names of awards have changed and the records are generally filed under the current name with a notation of the earlier name. Program Records, , consist of correspondence, newsletters, brochures, radio scripts, other public relations material, and publications.