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Run Before the Sun Comes Out

See flyer for details. Don Spence, Certified Master Arborist and Assistant Professor of Biology at Bethune-Cookman University, leads our walk heading south from the gate toward the Fairchild Oak, discussing plants, animals, and natural history of the area. The terrain may be wet or uneven. Bring insect repellent, water, and your camera or binoculars if you like.

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Contact Rob Bird with questions. Join Jim Sawgrass for a step back in time and discover which Native Americans lived in this area. His elaborate displays and knowledge help tell their stories and Cody Boettner, newly crowned World Hoop Champion will be on hand to perform several native American dances. Public welcome and encouraged to attend.

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This meeting is held on the 3rd, not 4th, Wednesday due to Thanksgiving holiday. Join Dr. See flyer for details and ticket info. Call for more detail s.


Park entry fees apply. Later, in a private room at the Garrison pub, as Tommy meets with his constituents to hear their grievances, a mysterious stranger with a message arrives.

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  7. On the night of the party, things soon take a turn for the worse when a surprise guest arrives. When Jimmy McCavern arrives at Charlie's Yard, Birmingham, he is greeted by Thomas, who welcomes him to the city, asking for him to put aside their business, handing him a business proposition as the two have similar interests. Tommy, as the MP for South Birmingham, holds meetings with all the constituents, one of which wishes to report her husband has killed her finches one night when drunk.

    Meanwhile, Tommy is made aware that a chinese man wishes to meet with both Arthur and Tommy, which makes the two anxious, but nevertheless, they see the man. The man introduces himself as Brilliant Chang, which shocks Arthur, who is under the impression that the aforementioned is dead. There is a gunshot on the phone, which is revealed to be the woman firing into the ceiling.

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    4. Tommy admits that the Chinese need boats as the drivers are to be stopped by customs. Polly reveals to Arthur that the man he cut in the previous episode is not dead, but went to the police, and has been taken care of by the Peaky Blinders. Tommy admits that the war with the Billy Boys is postponed due to business, however McCavern is all his afterwards.

      Aberama and Tommy shake hands, agreeing on the deal and postponing the war with the Billy Boys. Mosley confronts Tommy about the party he is holding at his house, enquiring about the ballet company.

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      He questions whether he is invited to the party, with Tommy admitting that he is aware that Mosley is having sex with most of his family, sometimes even in the House of Commons. When Mosley leaves, Tommy begins experiencing more intense hallucinations of Grace, despite no longer being on the drugs.

      go He fears that he has never gotten off the metaphorical boat they were born on and never will. Ada expresses her concern that Tommy has been abusing the drugs and not listening to the advice of the doctor.

      J. Robert Lennon on Order, Chaos, and the Self

      Tommy asks Ada to keep her unborn child away from him when it is born, perhaps out of fear that he will corrupt it. Michael scoffs at the idea of the ballet when Polly reveals it, however Polly reveals that Tommy wishes Michael to reopen accounts and become managing director.


      Michael expresses concern that the coal shipment is a drug shipment, however Polly admits that it is an opportunity and carries more financial gain than any other department in the business collectively.