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She is, she further tells him, the author of the novel; Amy Evans is her penname and she writes in English in order to have a larger public. The book she would like him to read is The Velvet Glove; she will send it to him the next day, but now she wants to forget everything about it: she is weary of the company and invites him to a quiet supper at home. Her hand was there on his own, in precious living proof, and splendid Paris hung over them, as a consecrating canopy, her purple night embroidered with gold.

But quite unexpectedly the Princess turns the conversation on literature and he understands with a chill that she has a motive, that she wants him, not only to read The Velvet Glove, but to write a Preface to it and to say, beautifully and publicly, that he likes her:. It was as if she had lifted him first in her beautiful arms, had raised him up high, high, high, to do it, pressing him to her immortal young breast while he let himself go, and then, by some extraordinary effort of her native force and her alien quality, setting him down exactly where she wanted him to be—which was a thousand miles away from her.

She never for a moment guesses his thoughts and while he leans on the upholstered back of the seat she raises to her lips the hand she has not yet released and keeps it there for a long moment. The Princess remains inside and, although she looks like a goddess in her shrine, he feels obliged to tell her that he will not have supper at her house:.

He had felt for an instant as if he were speaking to some miraculously humanised idol, all sacred, all jewelled, all votively hung about, but made mysterious, in the recess of its shrine, by the very thickness of the accumulated lustre. Your Preface—the only one worth speaking of—was written long ages ago by the most beautiful imagination of man.

The Velvet Glove (1909). Olympians and Mortals

Leave those to us. Only live. Only be. He had his subject, she says, from the day when a beautiful young English lady of high rank had asked him to write an introduction to, or at least a review of, the book she was writing. While Berridge vainly tries to place his young Lord he finally concludes that he could hardly place him better than where he is:. He was all right where he was; the great Gloriani somehow made that law; his house, with his supreme artistic position, was good enough for anyone, and to-night in especial there were charming people, more charming than our friend could recall from any other scene, as the natural train or circle, as he might say, of such a presence.

The beautiful and the artistic coexist with the sinister and the violent, and the Princess, a female Gloriani, is another personification of Paris and of life, another more beautiful but also more cruel Marie de Vionnet. True, if the fact that she writes in English in order to have a bigger public suggests that English is not her native language, it does not necessarily follow that she is French. But this matters little for James purposely remains vague about her: as a goddess she cannot be bound to any particular place and must feel at home in any European Cosmopolis.

What we know about the young Lord and herself is that they are young, beautiful and that they belong to the upper classes. They most attract the notice of the people who, like Strether and Berridge, only live by the imagination and sometimes envy the rich personal life and the supreme indifference of Lords and Princesses:.

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What was the pale page of fiction compared with the intimately personal adventure that, in almost any direction, he would have been all so stupidly, all so gallantly, all so instinctively and, by every presumption, so prevailingly ready for? When John Berridge, out of male vanity, accepts to get involved in the treacherous flux of life and follows the Princess to her house it is only to fall from a greater height back on the earth to which he actually belongs.

Both attitudes, however, are necessary and even complementary: without those who live the artists could never feed their stream; without the artists the rich personal lives would have no meaning at all and would vanish into nothingness.

The Velvet Glove of Self Love

Like life, it contains the best and the worst. It is the ideal field for experience. When he takes his night drive through the city Berridge feels that he has never known it, never seen it, never appreciated it as he does now with the Princess at his side:. In spite of his constantly-prized sense of knowing his enchanted city and his way about, he ceased to follow or measure their course, content as he was with the particular exquisite assurance it gave him.

That was knowing Paris, of a wondrous bland April night; that was hanging over it from vague consecrated lamp-studded heights and taking in, spread below and afar, the great scroll of all its irresistible story, pricked out, across river and bridge and radiant place, and along quays and boulevards and avenues, and around monumental circles and squares, in syllables of fire, and sketched and summarized, further and further, in the dim fire-dust of endless avenues; that was all of the essence of fond and thrilled and throbbing recognition, with a thousand things understood and a flood of response conveyed, a whole familiar possessive feeling appealed to and attested.

Cannot the magnificent goddess of this last tale set in France join hands with the bourgeoise of the first? In spite of the distance between them—half a century—the Merimean murderess and the proud Artemis on her cloud of Romance are one and the same woman. The physical has become the psychological, the interest now centers on the inner instead of the outer world, and the murders take place in the invisible world of the consciousness.

James has come to know the city with its exuberant vitality and its infernal flippancy, its serious interest in art and all things of the mind and its relish for bawdy anecdoctes and vulgar faits divers; he has fallen in love with its beauty and at the same time has been repelled by the smell of blood in its streets. Like him, Newman, Strether and Berridge, though more and more in love with their dangerous French women, finally escape from their too clever hands and retain their integrity.

But the old gentleman of Rye, remaining prudently away from the treacherous allurements of Paris, never ceased loving it.

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Thank you. We will forward your request to your library as soon as possible. I always think it better to start with the persistence, even though perhaps the velvet glove does on occasion wear thin. The iron hand was there with the velvet glove over it. He was sincere and compassionate; he had the right amount of iron in the velvet glove ; he exuded sensibility and tolerance. He is a man of strong and forthright speech; a velvet glove but a steel hand are obvious. She is always a model of sweet reasonableness, but this time the velvet glove concealed an iron hand from somewhere else.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - This Velvet Glove (Live Chorzów 2007)

I am asked whether there is not grave discourtesy to trustees in making a request to them which it is felt carries something of the iron in the velvet glove. Will he not, therefore, reconsider his decision and move in that direction, otherwise his proposals look very much like a limp hand in a velvet glove?

In the velvet glove

I think the role is much more important than has been supposed and that, although the authority may have a velvet glove , it must have a mailed fist inside it. An iron fist is needed to dig coal, certainly, but it is quite clear that no velvet glove need now be part of conventional dress at the negotiating table.

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