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He worked on newspapers in California for several years before returning briefly to Wisconsin to work on the Milwaukee Sentinel in He was the winner of the O. Henry award in for the best short story. The midlands are the wide prairie states of the middle West thru which the Mississippi river flows. The story begins low down in the Louisiana swamps and moves northward with old Uncle Michigan and little Aurelie when they start out to explore the states and countries with the music names they have picked out on the map in the old geography.

Most of the story plays itself out in Rome, Iowa, and never it would seem, has the atmosphere of the complacent, prosperous, cheerfully unprogressive mid-West town been better reproduced on paper.

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After working several years as a secretary in Milwaukee she moved to New York. Jordan authored many novels and contributed articles and stories to magazines. She also served in leading positions in a number of reform organizations, including the National Woman Suffrage Association. Pioneer days in Wisconsin before and during the Civil War; Southern wife loyal to her husband even after his death. Eleanor Mercein was born and raised in Milwaukee, and was sent to a Catholic boarding school in Washington, D.

In she married and moved with her husband to Louisville, KY, where she began writing novels, and stories for major magazines. She traveled widely, helping her to set many of her stories in exotic locales. He then served in the Wisconsin National Guard in the s and s, reaching the rank of Brigadier General. From he served in the Philippines Insurrection.

King authored over 50 novels, mainly on military and adventure themes. The Girl from Oshkosh was semi-autobiographical, and her only published book. In , the year of its publication, she married Rollin B. He had grown up in Oshkosh also, but had established himself as a real estate investor in Redlands, CA, where the couple went to live. Rollin soon became a real estate tycoon in Hollywood, where the couple built an enormous mansion.

Katherine played a leading role in Hollywood social and community affairs. It is a world of warmth and honesty, filled with fragrances of country cooking and fresh-plowed fields, where the link between man and nature are strong and direct. Charles Lush ? He worked in printing and then as a reporter for a Chicago newspaper.

He moved to Milwaukee in , where he continued to work at newspapers. Mary Mears grew up in Oshkosh, where her mother and sister were notable in the arts. Capitol building. Mary, with the encouragement of her parents, decided in her teens to become a novelist. Her first published novel was mostly completed while she was still a schoolgirl. Mears said in that she considered The Breath of the Runners to be her most individual work. In the s he was an editor of the San Francisco Call , and in he was the managing editor of the San Francisco Evening Bulletin.

He published a number of new writers, including Jack London. In she moved the column to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. Lorrie Moore born taught creative writing at University of Wisconsin-Madison from until According to her profile in Wikipedia, she is known mainly for her humorous and poignant short stories. This volume includes many poems, several radio plays, reviews, and some other prose.

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Olsen is mainly known as a best-selling author of western-themed novels. When diphtheria breaks out, he takes increasingly harsh measures to prevent it from spreading, and the consequences of his right-minded actions unfold with accelerating horror. Olaf Henry Oyen was born in Norway and immigrated with his parents to Waupaca, WI, where he lived on a farm and roamed the woods with his brothers as a small boy. His father died, and a few years later the widow moved the family to Chicago. Henry was eventually hired as a reporter at the Chicago Tribune, and began writing fiction in his spare time.

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At age 27 he moved to New York to try to make a living writing fiction, but without success, so he moved back to Waupaca and lived with his brothers in a cottage on Otter Lake. Then he began writing adventure stories set in the Wisconsin woods, and quickly became a popular and successful writer.

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Big Flat was one of those stories. A story of the pioneer farmer of the lake region. Martin Calkins starts out in life with an apparently worthless stretch of timber land and promise of ruination by a speculating company. He has refused to sell the latter his land and has also influenced his neighbors not to sell theirs. Although they were at first opposed to innovations of any kind, he forms a cooperative association of the farmers in the flat, low-lying country.

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They buy tractors with which to clear the land and one year later are all well on the way to prosperity. In the meantime, they have defeated the plans of the speculating company. See the biographical note about the author at Big Flat , on this web page. There were times when Gaston Olaf was wholly French, other times when he was all Norwegian. His entry Into Havens Falls was spectacular. Gaston Olaf arrived in the nick of time, to make himself, as he always seemed able to do, center of a dramatic little scene in which an attractive girl played the other part.

Tom Pine, his woods partner, scenting-danger, tried to guide Gaston Olaf out of town. He foils Taggart and helps to make Havens Falls a place fit to live in, and then the choice that Tom Pine has foreseen faces him: town or trail? And the instinct that is deepest seated within him wins. She takes a dive of her own — into adulthood — when she escapes to New York.

His wife was from Lake Geneva WI. He worked for several years as a private secretary to railroad executives before becoming a novelist in The Pride of Tellfair is said to be set in Lake Geneva. He attended UW-Madison, then worked as a reporter and editor at newspapers in Milwaukee. The two married in They used the money to move to Canada, building an isolated cabin in the woods of Ontario.

They continued to write fiction and non-fiction, jointly and separately, from the north woods for many years. Phil Boynton is sent to take charge of the fort known as Penitentiary Post, a place with an evil reputation.

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Behind him at Savant House, he leaves the girl he loves, knowing that John Wickson, the man who Is sending him north, also loves her and is determined to win her, and half suspecting that personal motives were back of the appointment. His Indians desert the place in fear and the fur hunters refuse to come near It. Joyce Plummer, hearing tales of what he Is undergoing, comes alone through the storm to find him, and Wickson follows. The three, who are forced to make common cause against hunger, come to an understanding, and the poor, crazed Indian who had watched his family die of starvation and is taking a weird revenge on the white man, meets his own fate.

He then became a deck officer in the Merchant Marine, and served in the Naval Reserve. He twice served on the crews of airships that attempted to reach the North Pole, in and His novels drew upon both his careers; seaman and civil engineer. His widely-used textbook on seamanship was published in Thoughtful, well-crafted pieces by beloved outdoor favorites such as Aldo Leopold, August Derleth and Gordon MacQuarrie, contemporary writers like Justin Isherwood and George Vukelich, and even a few gifted newcomers venerate the many ways in which people relate to this beautiful land and how the outdoors has shaped or changed their lives.

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Kristine Kathyrn Rusch, born , lived in Wisconsin from until the late s. She fairly quickly became a best-selling author of Science Fiction. According to her biographical entry in Wikipedia, she writes under various pseudonyms in multiple genres, including fantasy, mystery, romance and mainstream. Southerner frees slaves and starts out anew in Wisconsin; s. Shastid ?

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He wrote widely in his professional field and published numerous books and articles, both fiction and nonfiction, on many other subjects. But what follows is less a story than a catalogue of fragile moments that never crystallize into actual events. Bea wrestles with the propriety of a woman telephoning a man, flirts awkwardly with a priest, and deflects a sexual advance from her married boss, to her regret. The hero of the book, the legatee, is a young Southerner, who inherits a lumber mill in the district and goes there to take possession of it.

He finds himself met by a spirit of hostility, due primarily to the fact that he is a Southerner and has been a slave-owner, but also largely to his inability to understand and sympathize with the people. Along with the animosity of sectionalism growing out of the war, there Is also developed a further dislike of the stranger by the teaching of temperance fanatics, who denounce him as a wine bibber, and certain socialists, who look upon him as a representative of capitalistic oppressors of workingmen.

We are told that when she was but a child her father went to this country as a Congregational missionary and she grew up amid the scenes and the people she describes. There was not a village she did not know, and she often stayed for weeks with friends on the forest farms. In he moved to Madison to be a partner in a law firm there and to assume the position of Secretary for the Prohibition state committee. He continued to work for prohibition throughout his life, writing widely on the subject. His novel High Joe was his best known work.

Frank Spearman lived in Appleton from ll, attending public schools and Lawrence College, and lived in Wisconsin again from l to A popular novelist and short story writer, especially on railroad themes, his novel Whispering Smith was made into movies eight times and became a TV series in A novel in which the characters are a group of financiers who buy and sell railroads with the celerity and nonchalance with which lesser men might acquire and dispose of so much kindling wood.

She meets Adrane only after he has become engaged to Annie Whitney, but in the panic which bankrupts John this inconvenient engagement is dissolved and he is left free to become something more than a friend to Merrilie. Two decades after she has left home, Maggie returns to Wisconsin to fortify her spirits and decides to open a bed-and-breakfast despite dire warnings from her tight-lipped mother and the hurt fury of her college-age daughter.

Her first love, Eric Severson, is also back in town, running a family-owned charter fishing boat to the great displeasure of his beautiful, ambitious wife. He is known for his novels, essays, and short stories, many of which have a Wisconsin background. They run the round of chance, sometimes are masters of fate, often a prey to it, but are ever cheerful philosophers. Peter Straub was born in Milwaukee in , where he lived until departing for Ireland in He has been a best-selling author of Horror Fiction since the mids.

Gardner Teall ? His course of love is not altogether smooth, because a German baron has seen the face too. Everything works out pleasantly and the reader finds the story full of real people whom it is entertaining to know; among them, besides the three mentioned, are the Contessa, an American widow, and an English spinster. While they were chosen for their quality, many of the stories are set in various locations in Wisconsin.