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Job did not reject God, but Job did challenge and accuse Him. The Almighty quieted Job decisively when He finally thundered His own perspective on the situation. Pain inevitably afflicts each one of us. Suffering is unavoidable in this life. Will your relationship with God be enough when trials come? Will you trust Him through your suffering?

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Read Job 38โ€” Spend time with the Almighty. Pray for a stronger faith in the powerful Creator described in those chapters. Pray for a right perspective of Him so that you might see your situation through His eyes. Are we trusting our Creator, even though we cannot understand our circumstances?

View Chuck Swindoll's chart of Job , which divides the book into major sections and highlights themes and key verses.

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Who wrote the book? Where are we? With the BibleWorks Word Analysis feature, seeing and parsing the underlying Greek or Hebrew words is as simple as waving the mouse pointer. As the mouse moves over any word in a BibleWorks tagged text, the Greek or Hebrew lexicon definition for the original text is shown along with the parsing. When the mouse hovers over a word in a tagged text, a Popup Gloss window gives you a brief definition and morphology for the word.

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In addition to these helps, the Resource Summary Window automatically lists all relevant entries from the various lexicons and resources for the verse and word under the mouse. As you move over the text, the window automatically shows the opening line for all relevant entries. Additional texts such as Josephus, Philo, and the Apostolic Fathers are tagged also. If you like working with parallel columns, simply click on the translations you want to see.

The Parallel Versions window puts the Bibles in parallel columns where you can scroll the columns in sync, or independently. You get Word Analysis here, too, as well as tight links to the lexicons and dictionaries. In the Browse Window , the Bible versions you are studying are shown in a single window with the passage from each text.

This is the basic work-horse window of BibleWorks.

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Peek behind the translation, and check the underlying Greek and Hebrew manuscripts. For the Old Testament we include the entire image set of the Leningrad Codex. In all of these windows, you can click, or just point to any word and get the information you need concordance, lexicon, word frequencies, cross-references, etc.

You can also attach notes with Greek and Hebrew! BibleWorks works smoothly with other programs, making it simple to transfer texts to your favorite word processor. The fonts can be used in Windows word processors and print beautifully.

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With the built-in editor, you can also take notes in English, Greek, and right-to-left Hebrew. The samples below use the BibleWorks Greek and Hebrew fonts. In addition, BibleWorks supports Unicode fonts, so you can easily export text to the font of your choice.

BibleWorks accommodates users who spend significant amounts of time with the program. In response to the variety of user suggestions, window sizes, window placement, output format, abbreviations, and font sizes can all be customized. In addition, many requests for mouse and keyboard short-cuts have been put into the program.

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Fewer clicks save wrists! Our goal is to further the kingdom of God through the ministry of the Word; our commitment is to pastors, students, scholars, and missionaries. We want BibleWorks to be useful for you. We interact with our users on a daily basis. Colossians is short book, written by the Apostle Paul to the Church in Colosse.

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Paul writes about the mystery of God hidden for ages but now revealed to the Church. This mystery is Christ in you, the hope of glory vs. Paul explains what this means and how this changes the way we live. Get an in-depth explanation of this book.

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  6. Jesus spent His entire earthly ministry talking about the Kingdom and explaining it to His disciples. The Gospels are full of Kingdom Principles for believers to operate in on a daily basis. Join me for this amazing journey through the Gospels and the teachings of Jesus. Romans Current Topic. I get questions from readers all over the world.