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Learn how to make these fun and easy decoupage pots using only scrap fabric. Check out our latest video tutorial on Youtube to learn how. Perfect cheap idea to make and sell, but these cute and crafty pots also make super homemade gifts. Most of them are bits and pieces and not really enough to build large projects, so I messed around and come up with some measurements. I laid out my scrap wood and found a combination that seemed the right size.

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These boards are 5. So, I was in need of a pin cushion for the craft room, and when I saw this adorable idea on The Dollar Store website, I had to make one. I had some small frames I had bought at Michaels, so I just threw on a coat of paint and I used steel wool instead of the recommended cork or cardboard because steel wool keeps the pins from getting dull.

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I covered the steel wool in a scrap of Liberty Printed fabric that coordinated with the frame color and it looked so fabulous, but the best part was I can have it standing up beside my sewing table so I can access my pins easily, this DIY pincushion idea is so practical and attractive. What do you do with a bunch of leftover plastic Easter eggs? This DIY mini succulent planter idea is your perfect answer.

If you need some gifts for a group of teachers or girls at work this will work brilliantly and is cheap and easy to assemble. I used some old Krylon spray paint I had in the garage to paint the egg halves and glued them to little stands, then used succulent clippings I got from my garden. The whole project cost no money at all and looked like a really expensive, well thought out elegant gift. I made these as a child for Chrismas decorations, I remember sitting on the floor wrapping my balloons with embroidery floss and dipping them in liquid starch, then rolling them in glitter.

This was my first really accomplished DIY project and it brings back such fond memories for me.

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This is a simple tutorial for a less holiday oriented version, any version is going to look great using this DIY idea. You will be amazed with the way these turn out! No artistic talent required, either. The very first step in this DIY picture frame message bard project is to glue two of your candlesticks together. Flip one of the candlesticks upside down on top of the other candlestick, now glue the tops together using your epoxy super glue will work too.

This gives you two different sizes of candlesticks, one small candlestick, and one large candlestick. Next, you will wrap the two candlesticks in twine — use your hot glue to attach it. I never give up on my dream to have a successful business from home and to be able to contribute to the family budget, which pays for my ongoing medical care. If you have determination and will power, you will succeed! Packaging matters. Get the product out in the marketplace as much as you can, which means a combination of internal promotion newsletter to customers , public relations pitching media and advertising in print, online and radio.

Much of this depends on developing relationships with each entity and listening to their needs. For example, our customers — we produce personalized romance novels made one-at-time — suggested we start offering e-books and we became the first customized book company to do so.

Use social media to promote your product s. Word of mouth is your best advertising avenue. They will tune out and ultimately walk away. Instead, find ways to engage them.

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And solicit bloggers input as well. They are incredibly influential and often overlooked. Remember to update your social media regularly and keep it current, relevant and interesting. To help your product be Discovered the pictures above all need to be of stellar quality and then utilize Pinterest to help your product get discovered.

My suggestions are two fold: take great pics that speak to human eyes, and do your best to describe and position your products in a way that speaks to search engines. As to the great photos, make sure to get a normal view that shows the scale and use of the item at a glance, and also a detailed close-up. For making your products findable, use Google keywords to see what phrases people are searching for.

When you are determining your pricing, try to foresee if you want to sell wholesale or not. If so you will need to multiply your comfortable price time 2 — 2. I try to make all my dog dresses thinking about what customers can not find in the regular pet store. Of course, quality is the best seller for my designs. I also take custom orders so customers can relay to me exactly what they want to have made. This is what makes my business successful and sets me apart from the other pet clothing companies. Grab your company or product name and begin to post information that people in your niche find helpful.

Answer questions, refer to information and sell minimally. Never ever compromise on quality of the handmade products that you make or are getting made. Quality check them at various stages — since handmade products provide a lot of flexibility to do so. Then comes the most important part — getting your products in front of potential buyers. For instance, I am starting a range of handmade accessories for women.

To start with, I am launching my store for the Wedding Market — focusing all my energy on building and designing accessories for weddings and focusing my marketing efforts on just the wedding market.

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My handmade items are an outgrowth of my graphic design work, so I am, needless to say, a big fan of a good presentation, with branding and a professionally designed line sheet. The other tip, which is harder, is really believing in your own creations. The Tonight Show has been buying brownies from me for over a year.

They buy anywhere from 10 to 20 boxes a week and put them in gift bags that are given to the guests that appear on the show. Making my brownies is a labor of love and it is evident to all that are lucky enough to get some that they are enjoying something very special…from the baking to the packaging they are a bit of heaven on earth.

If you develop a brand for your product, it will help people gain familiarity and brand recognition for your product vs a competitor.

75 Crafts to Make and Sell - Cool Craft Ideas and DIY Projects to Make For Extra Cash

Find your niche market and start promoting yourself and gaining brand awareness today! If so, leave a comment below. The tips given here re-affirm what I have been reading many times before- meaning;take note- they work! Many I currently use and once again am reminded of several I need to work on. Great List! Thanks to the other 29 — invaluable help and insight. Paint the palette frames in a funky color and sell them online or at a craft market for a tidy profit. Wire Wrapped Bead Rings are cheap and easy to make and can be made into a range of funky styles and designs to appeal to fans of uncycled jewelry.

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Pottery fruit bowls have become a trendy feature of modern homes and can be made with little more than clay, a pottery wheel, kiln and some pottery-making creativity and flare. Without much expense, pottery fruit bowls are a great craft to make and sell for profit. The coolest bars, restaurants and houses are serving their drinks of funky wooden pallets, which are extremely inexpensive and easy to make. Another easy craft to make and sell for a profit are velvet pillows.

With a few buttons and a necklace chain, you can create a stunning vintage button necklace, one of the easiest and most desirable crafts to make and sell for a profit. Bath bombs are extremely cheap to make, requiring little more than some soda, citric acid, Epsom salts, water, essential oil, olive oil and food coloring. Your bundles of colorful bath bombs could sell for a tidy profit at craft markets and online.